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PPTS is a WEB-based environment supporting teams who have chosen 
to develop software according to the agile methodologies Scrum
and/or eXtreme Programming.  
It has been of high value in both ISO9001 and CMM Level 2 
certifications. It's functionality comprises:

- administration of project, iteration and resource attributes
- prioritizable product backlog
- work breakdown structure (sprint backlog)
- metrics (velocity and estimated/spent effort)
- burndown and progress charts
- calendars
- resource allocation
- fine grained access to information based on overall role 
  (administrator or user) or role in project (projectleader, 
  developer or customer)
- customization of menus and language (both English and Dutch available)
- interfacing with PR/CR tools

PPTS is constantly being extended to support development towards 
a learning organization.